§ 121.


The following requirements for minimum lot width and area shall apply to all properties in the City, regardless of the use of the property, regardless of the zoning district in which the property is located, and regardless of whether the ownership or use is public or private. The provisions of Article 1.7 of this Code, and especially Sections 173, 180 and 189 thereof, shall also be applicable with respect to lot width and area.


Frontage. Every newly created lot shall have and maintain frontage on a public street or alley as defined by this Code, or on some other permanent right-of-way from which there shall be vehicular access to such lot, and in each case such frontage shall have a minimum width of 16 feet. Where an existing lot of record does not have such frontage, but has other access from a street or alley, such other access shall be maintained for such lot.


Subdivisions and Lot Splits. Subdivisions and lot splits shall be governed by the Subdivision Code of the City and County of San Francisco and by the Subdivision Map Act of California. In all such cases the procedures and requirements of said Code and said Act shall be followed, including the requirement for consistency with the Master Plan of the City and County of San Francisco. Where the predominant pattern of residential development in the immediate vicinity exceeds the minimum standard for lot width or area, or the minimum standards for both lot width and area, set forth below in this Section, any new lot created by a subdivision or lot split under the Subdivision Code shall conform to the greater established standards, provided that in no case shall the required lot width be more than 33 feet or the required lot area be more than 4,000 square feet.


Measurement. The lot width shall be measured as a horizontal distance between the side lot lines. The lot area shall be measured as a horizontal plane enclosed by the lot lines. Where a lot is not in the form of an ordinary rectangle, the specified minimum lot width shall be maintained for a sufficient depth on the lot to enable the minimum lot area requirement to be satisfied within the portion of the lot having such minimum lot width.


Minimum Lot Width. The minimum lot width shall be as follows:


In RH-1(D) Districts: 33 feet;


In all other zoning use districts: 25 feet.


Minimum Lot Area. The minimum lot area shall be as follows:


In RH-1(D) Districts: 4,000 square feet;


In all other zoning use districts: 2,500 square feet; except that the minimum lot area for any lot having its street frontage entirely within 125 feet of the intersection of two streets that intersect at an angle of not more than 135 degrees shall be 1,750 square feet.


Conditional Uses. Notwithstanding the foregoing requirements of this Section 121 as to lot width, lot area and width of lot frontage, in any zoning use district other than an RH-1(D) District the City Planning Commission may permit one or more lots of lesser width to be created, with each lot containing only a one-family dwelling and having a lot area of not less than 1,500 square feet, according to the procedures and criteria for conditional use approval in Section 303 of this Code.


(Added by Ord. 381-79, App. 7/13/79)


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