§ 130.



Except as provided in Sections 172 and 188 of this Code, every building and addition shall have yards and setbacks as required by Sections 131 through 134 for the district in which the building is located.


Every such front setback and rear yard shall extend along a lot line the full width of the lot. Every such side yard shall extend along a lot line from the front setback or the front lot line to the rear yard. The required minimum depth or width of any yard or setback shall be measured generally at right angles to the lot line. All required yards and setbacks shall be located on the lot on which the building is situated.


Where a vacant lot abuts on two or more streets, any street lot line may be elected by the owner as the front lot line for purposes of the yard and setback requirements, and in general the lot line opposite and most nearly parallel thereto shall be the rear lot line. Any street lot line that is not a front lot line shall be a rear lot line or a side lot line.


Where the side lot lines converge to a point, a line five feet long within the lot parallel to and at a maximum distance from the front lot line shall be deemed to be the rear lot line for the purposes of determining the depth of the rear yard.


Where the building wall is not parallel to a side or a rear lot line, the required least dimension of the side yard or the rear yard along such line may be applied to the average, provided that no such side yard shall be less than three feet in width at any point, and no such rear yard shall be less than five feet in depth at any point.


Obstructions in any required yard or setback shall be limited to those specified in Section 136 of this Code.


(Amended by Ord. 443-78, App. 10/6/78; Ord. 248-03, File No. 030999, App. 10/22/2003)


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