§ 146.



Requirement of Sunlight Access on Certain Streets. In C-3 Districts, in order to maintain direct sunlight on public sidewalks in certain downtown areas during critical periods of use, new structures and additions to existing structures on parcels which abut on the side of a street identified below shall be required to avoid penetration of a sun access plane defined by an angle sloping away from the street above a stipulated height at the property line abutting the street, as follows:

Table 146
Street From To Side of Street On Which Lots Abut Maximum Street Wall Height Sun Access Angle
Bush Kearny Montgomery South 65′ 50°
Sutter Powell 100′ East of Kearny South 66′ 50°
Post Mason 200′ East of Kearny South 66′ 50°
Geary Mason Kearny South 65′ 50°
O’Farrell Cyril Magnin Grant South 66′ 50°
Ellis Cyril Magnin Stockton South 68′ 50°
Powell Market Sutter East 151′ 70°
Powell Market Sutter West 65′ 50°
Stockton Market Bush East 148′ 70°
Stockton Market Bush West 65′ 50°
Grant Market Bush East 170′ 70°
Grant Market Bush West 74′ 50°
Kearny Market Washington East 170′ 70°
Kearny Market Pine West 74′ 50°
Second Market 300′ South of Folsom West 132′ 62°
NewMontgomery Market Howard West 132′ 62°
Market Tenth Second South 119′ 50°
Market So. Van Ness Twelfth South 119′ 50°


Exception. An exception to the requirements of Subsection (a) may be granted in the manner provided in Section 309 of this Code in cases where (i) the penetration of the plane does not create shadow because of the shadow already cast by other buildings, or (ii) the shadow created by the penetration of the plane is deemed insignificant because of the limited extent or duration of the shadow or because of the limited public use of the shadowed space.


Shadows on Other Streets. New buildings and additions to existing buildings shall be shaped, if it can be done without creating an unattractive design and without unduly restricting the development potential of the site in question, so as to reduce substantial shadow impacts on public sidewalks in the C-3 Districts other than those protected by Subsection (a). Determinations made under this Subsection shall be made in accordance with the provisions of Section 309.


(Added by Ord. 414-85, App. 9/17/85)


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