§ 150.



General. This Article 1.5 is intended to assure that off-street parking and loading facilities are provided in amounts and in a manner that will be consistent with the objectives and policies of the San Francisco General Plan, as part of a balanced transportation system that makes suitable provision for walking, cycling, public transit, private vehicles, and the movement of goods. With respect to off-street parking, this Article is intended to require facilities where needed but discourage excessive amounts of automobile parking, to avoid adverse effects upon surrounding areas and uses, and to encourage effective use of walking, cycling, and public transit as alternatives to travel by private automobile.


Spaces Required. Off-street parking and loading spaces, according to the requirements stated in this Article 1.5, shall be provided for any structure constructed, and any use established, whether public or private, after the original effective date of any such requirement applicable to such structure or use.


Additions to Structure and Uses.


For any structure or use lawfully existing on such effective date, off-street parking and loading spaces need be provided only in the case of a major addition to such structure or use, and only in the quantity required for the major addition itself. Any lawful deficiency in off-street parking or loading spaces existing on such effective date may be carried forward for the structure or use, apart from such major addition.


For these purposes, a “major addition” is hereby defined as any enlargement, alteration, change of occupancy or increase in intensity of use which would increase the number of off-street parking spaces required for dwelling units by two or more spaces; which would increase the number of off-street parking spaces required for uses other than dwelling units by at least 15 percent or by at least five spaces, whichever is greater; or which would increase the requirement for off-street loading spaces by at least 15 percent.


Successive additions made after the effective date of an off-street parking or loading requirement shall be considered cumulative, and at the time such additions become major in their total, off-street parking and loading spaces shall be provided as required for such major addition.


Spaces to be Retained. Once any off-street parking or loading space has been provided which wholly or partially meets the requirements of this Code, such off-street parking or loading space shall not thereafter be reduced, eliminated or made unusable in any manner; provided, however, that in the Outer Clement Neighborhood Commercial District a maximum of one off-street parking space may be used for the storage of materials for a commercial use if the commercial use is on a lot contiguous to the lot on which the parking space is located and if access between the commercial use and the storage is available without the use of a public sidewalk or other public right-of-way and if the storage occurred prior to 1985. Any required residential parking space may be leased or rented on a monthly basis as provided under Section 204.5(b)(1) of this Code, and such lease or rental shall not be considered a reduction or elimination of required spaces.


Reduction and Replacement of Off-Street Parking Spaces. Notwithstanding subsection (d) above, off-street parking spaces may be reduced and replaced by bicycle parking spaces based on standards provided in Section 155.1(d) of this Code. Once bicycle parking spaces replace an automobile parking space, such bicycle parking shall not be reduced or eliminated. Such bicycle parking spaces may be converted back to automobile parking space, provided that the required numbers of bicycle parking spaces subject to Sections 155.2 and 155.3 of this Code are still met after removal of bicycle parking spaces.


Parking in Excess of the Maximum Permitted. Any off-street parking space or spaces which existed lawfully at the effective date of this Section and which have a total number in excess of the maximum permitted off-street parking spaces permitted under Section 151.1 shall be considered noncomplying features pursuant to Section 180(a)(2) and shall be regulated as set forth in Section 188.



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