§ 153.



In the calculation of off-street parking, freight loading spaces, and bicycle parking spaces required under Sections 151, 152, 152.1, 155.2, 155.3 and 155.4 of this Code, the following rules shall apply:


In the case of mixed uses in the same structure, on the same lot or in the same development, or more than one type of activity involved in the same use, the total requirements for off-street parking and loading spaces shall be the sum of the requirements for the various uses or activities computed separately, including fractional values.


Where an initial quantity of floor area, rooms, seats or other form of measurement is exempted from off-street parking or loading requirements, such exemption shall apply only once to the aggregate of that form of measurement. If the initial exempted quantity is exceeded, for either a structure or a lot or a development, the requirement shall apply to the entire such structure, lot or development, unless the contrary is specifically stated in this Code. In combining the requirements for use categories in mixed use buildings, all exemptions for initial quantities of square footage for the uses in question shall be disregarded, excepting the exemption for the initial quantity which is the least among all the uses in question.


Where a structure or use is divided by a zoning district boundary line, the requirements as to quantity of off-street parking and loading spaces shall be calculated in proportion to the amount of such structure or use located in each zoning district.


Where seats are used as the form of measurement, each 22 inches of space on benches, pews and similar seating facilities shall be considered one seat.


When the calculation of the required number of off-street parking or freight loading spaces results in a fractional number, a fraction of ½ or more shall be adjusted to the next higher whole number of spaces, and a fraction of less than ½ may be disregarded.


In C-3, MUG, MUR, MUO, UMU, and South of Market Districts, substitution of two service vehicle spaces for each required off-street freight loading space may be made, provided that a minimum of 50 percent of the required number of spaces are provided for freight loading. Where the 50 percent allowable substitution results in a fraction, the fraction shall be disregarded.


The requirements for off-street parking and loading for any use not specifically mentioned in Sections 151 and 152 shall be the same as for a use specified which is similar, as determined by the Zoning Administrator.


For all uses and all districts covered by Section 151.1, the rules of calculation established by subsection (a) shall apply to the determination of maximum permitted spaces al allowed by Section 151.1.


Division (a) amended; Ord. 183-13 , Eff. 9/6/2013.


(Amended by Ord. 414-85, App. 9/17/85; Ord. 115-90, App. 4/6/90; Ord. 217-05, File No. 050865, App. 8/19/2005; Ord. 72-08, File No. 071157, App. 4/3/2008; Ord. 298-08, File No. 081153, App. 12/19/2008; Ord. 183-13 , File No. 130528, App. 8/7/2013, Eff. 9/6/2013)


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