§ 155.3.



Applicability. This Section applies to the installation of bicycle parking in existing buildings owned, leased or purchased by the City and City-owned non-accessory parking garages and parking lots.


Requirements. For all City-owned or leased buildings, non-accessory garages, and parking lots, regardless of whether off-street vehicle parking is available, the Responsible City Official, as defined in Section 155.1, shall provide bicycle parking according to the use categories specified in Table 155.2. All required bicycle parking provided per this Section shall conform to the standards of Sections 155.1 and 155.2. The provisions of this Section shall not apply in any case where the City occupies property as a tenant under a lease, the term of which does not exceed one year.


Lease Provisions.


Lease provisions apply to all City leases for buildings that are subject to the requirements of subsection 155.3 and under which the City is a tenant. Such leases shall specifically provide that the Landlord agrees to make space available in the building for bicycle parking facilities. These facilities shall be available for the term of the lease. These leases shall also provide that the Responsible City Official may install, at no cost to the Landlord bicycle parking facilities that are in compliance with subsection (b).


This subsection (c) does not in any way limit the ability of the Zoning Administrator to approve alternative locations for bicycle parking under provision of Section 307(k). In the event that an exemption is granted or an alternative location is approved allowing the installation of bicycle parking facilities on property that is not included in a building leased by the Responsible City Official, or on property that belongs to the Landlord subsection (c) does not apply. If the alternative location is on property that is owned by the Landlord, but is not inside the building to be leased by the Responsible City Official, the lease provision of subsection (c) is required and shall identify that property as the location of the bicycle parking facility.


Alternative Locations, Reductions or Exemptions. In the event that compliance with Section 155.3(b) for Class 1 bicycle parking may not be feasible because of demonstrable hardship including but not limited to absence of an off-street automobile garage on the subject lot, the Responsible City Official may apply to the Zoning Administrator under the procedures of Section 307(k)(1) for approval of an alternative storage location, reduction or exemption from the requirements. Waivers and Variances for Class 2 bicycle parking required by subsection (b) above would be subject to the same measures as Section 307(k)(2).


Implementation. Except as provided in subsection (g)(2), all City-owned buildings and parking garages subject to Section 155.3 shall comply and install the required bicycle parking and associated signage within one year of the effective date of this Ordinance No. 183-13 .


Where this Section imposes requirements on the City, the Responsible City Official shall be responsible for fulfilling such requirements.


If during the one-year implementation period set forth in subsection (e) the demand for the bicycle parking facilities is less than 80 percent of the spaces within 20 consecutive non-holiday weekdays, the parking garage may apply to the Zoning Administrator under the procedures of Section 307(k)(1)(B) for permission to delay full compliance with subsection (b). In the case of a parking garage that is not predominantly used during the regular work week (for example, a parking garage near an event venue), the Zoning Administrator may designate an alternative period other than “non-holiday weekdays” for purposes of evaluating an exemption from the full requirements of subsection (b). Such alternative period may include, but not be limited to, 10 consecutive weekends or 20 days on which the parking garage primarily serves customers attending an event at a nearby venue.


Except as provided in subsection (g)(2), existing City-owned buildings and garages with existing substandard racks, which do not comply with acceptable rack types defined in 155.1(c), shall have one year from the effective date of this Section to replace them with conforming racks.


Monitoring. The Planning Department shall, every five years, beginning with 2013, survey the amount, location, and usage of both Class 1 and Class 2 bicycle parking spaces at (A) City Hall, (B) the Main Library, (C) the 25 other City-owned or leased buildings which have the highest square footage as identified in a list published by the City’s Department of Real Estate, and (D) City-owned garages in order to report compliance with this Section and to ascertain whether current requirements are adequate to meet demand for such parking spaces. Such survey of usage shall be conducted during the months of March through October and shall document usage on at least two fair-weather non-holiday week days. A report on such findings shall be submitted to the Planning Commission and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors. If current requirements are inadequate, the Director shall draft and submit to the Board of Supervisors proposed legislation that would remedy the deficiency. For the purposes of this subsection, “inadequate” shall mean an occupancy of greater than 85 percent or in cases where bicycles are clearly parked in non-standard  locations due to crowding of the provided facilities.


Miscellaneous Standards and Requirements.


In any City-owned or leased building, non-accessory parking garage, or parking lot that contains more than the required number of bicycle parking spaces as set forth above, the Responsible City Official or private parking garage owner shall not remove such additional bicycle parking spaces without petitioning the Zoning Administrator. Such a petition may not be filed until at least one year after the effective date of this Section. That petition shall demonstrate that the spaces the Responsible City Official or private parking garage owner seeks authority to remove have not been necessary to meet the demand of Employees and other building users.


For existing buildings owned, leased or purchased by the City and City-owned parking garages, the Responsible City Official shall comply with this Section 155.3. The Board of Supervisors does not intend to impose requirements of this Section on any Responsible City Official where such application would impair obligations of contract.


(Added by Ord. 183-13 , File No. 130528, App. 8/7/2013, Eff. 9/6/2013)

(Former Sec. 155.3 added by Ord. 343-98, App. 11/19/98; repealed by Ord. 183-13 , File No. 130528, App. 8/7/2013, Eff. 9/6/2013)


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