§ 156.



A “parking lot” is hereby defined as an off-street open area or portion thereof solely for the parking of passenger automobiles. Such an area or portion shall be considered a parking lot whether or not on the same lot as another use, whether or not required by this Code for any structure or use, and whether classified as an accessory, principal or conditional use.


Where parking lots are specified in Articles 2 or 7 of this Code as a use for which conditional use approval is required in a certain district, such conditional use approval shall be required only for such parking lots in such district as are not qualified as accessory uses under Section 204.5 of this Code. The provisions of this Section 156 shall, however, apply to all parking lots whether classified as accessory, principal or conditional uses.


In considering any conditional use application for a parking lot for a specific use or uses where the amount of parking provided exceeds the amount classified as accessory parking in Section 204.5 of this Code, the Planning Commission shall consider the criteria set forth in Section 157.


Any vehicle use area that is less than 25 linear feet adjacent to a public right-of-way or is a parking lot for the parking of two or more automobiles which adjoins a lot in any R District, or which faces a lot in any R District across a street or alley, shall be screened from view therefrom, except at driveways necessary for ingress and egress, by a solid fence, a solid wall, or a compact evergreen hedge, not less than four feet in height.


Any vehicle use area that has more than 25 linear feet adjacent to a public right-of-way or is a parking lot for the parking of 10 or more automobiles shall be screened in accordance with the standards described in Section 142, Screening and Greening of Parking and Vehicle Use Areas.


All artificial lighting used to illuminate a parking lot for any number of automobiles in any District shall be arranged so that all direct rays from such lighting fall entirely within such parking lot.


No parking lot for any number of auto-mobiles shall have conducted upon it any dead storage or dismantling of vehicles, or any repair or servicing of vehicles other than of an emergency nature.


No permanent parking lot shall be permitted in C-3-O, C-3-O(SD), C-3-R, C-3-G and NCT Districts; temporary parking lots may be approved as conditional uses, except in C-3-O(SD) District, pursuant to the provisions of Section 303 for a period not to exceed two years from the date of approval; permanent parking lots in C-3-S Districts shall be permitted only as a conditional use. No new parking lots may be approved in the C-3-O(SD) District, however conditional use approval for a two-year extension of existing parking lots in the C-3-O(SD) District may be approved pursuant to this Subsection provided that they meet the requirements of subsection (l).


Any parking lot approved pursuant to zoning categories .25, .27 and .29 of Sections 813 through 818 of this Code shall be screened in accordance with the standards described in Section 142, Screening and Greening of Parking and Vehicle Use Areas except where this requirement would prevent otherwise feasible use of the subject lot as an open space or play area for nearby residents.


Interior Landscaping. All permanent parking lots are required to provide 1 tree per 5 parking spaces in a manner that is compliant with the applicable water use requirements of Administrative Code Chapter 63 and a minimum of 20% permeable surface, as defined by Section 102.33 Permeable Surfaces. The trees planted in compliance with this Section shall result in canopy coverage of 50% of the parking lots’ hardscape within 15 years of the installations of these trees. Permeable surfaces and grading shall be coordinated so that stormwater can infiltrate the surface in areas with less than 5% slope.


Street Tree Requirement. All parking lots shall meet the street tree requirements specified in Section 138.1(c)(1).


The conditions of approval for the extension an existing parking lot in the C-3-O(SD) District shall include the following:

(1) a minimum of one parking space for car sharing vehicles meeting all of the requirements in Section 166 for every 20 spaces in said lot;


a minimum of two Class 2 bicycle parking spaces for every 50 linear feet of frontage in a highly visible area on the property adjacent to a public sidewalk or shall attain approval from the appropriate City agencies to install such bicycle parking on a public sidewalk on the same block;


interior landscaping compliant with the requirements in subsection (j) above, provided that if a site permit has been approved by the Planning Department for construction of building on the subject lot that would replace the parking lot in less than 2 years, the trees may be planted in movable planters and the lot need not provide permeable surfaces described in subsection (j).



(Amended by Ord. 414-85, App. 9/17/85; Ord. 69-87, App. 3/13/87; Ord. 115-90, App. 4/6/90; Ord. 72-08, File No. 071157, App. 4/3/2008; Ord. 84-10, File No. 091453, App. 4/22/2010; Ord. 182-12 , File No. 120665, App. 8/8/2012, Eff. 9/7/2012; Ord. 56-13 , File No. 130062, App. 3/28/2013, Eff. 4/27/2013)

Division (h) amended; division (l) added; Ord. 182-12 , Eff. 9/7/2012. Divisions (c), (d), (f), and (k) amended; former divisions (l)(A) through (C) redesignated as (l)(1) through (3); Ord. 56-13 , Eff. 4/27/2013.


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