§ 1012.


Prior to passage by the Board of Supervisors, the following matters shall be submitted to the HPC for its written report regarding effects upon historic or cultural resources: ordinances and resolutions concerning historic preservation issues and historic resources; redevelopment project plans; and waterfront land use and project plans.


Time Period for Review. The HPC shall submit any written report to the Board of Supervisors within 90 days of the date of referral. Failure of the HPC to act within the prescribed time shall be deemed to constitute a recommendation of disapproval, except that the Board of Supervisors may, by resolution, extend the prescribed time within which the HPC is to render its report.


Report to Planning Commission. If the Planning Commission is required to take action on the matter, the HPC shall submit any report to the Planning Commission as well as to the Board of Supervisors.


Referral Back of Proposed Amendments to the Municipal Code. In acting upon any proposed amendment to the Municipal Code concerning historic preservation issues and historic resources, the Board of Supervisors may modify said amendment but shall not take final action upon any material modification that has not been referred to the HPC for its written report. Should the Board of Supervisors adopt a motion proposing to modify the amendment while it is before the Board, the amendment and the motion proposing modification shall be referred back to the HPC for its written report. In all such cases of referral back, the amendment and the proposed modification shall be heard by the HPC according to the requirement for a new proposal.


(Added by Ord. 94-12, File No. 120300, App. 5/21/2012, Eff. 6/20/2012)


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