§ 1117.


Except where explicitly so stated, nothing in this Article shall be construed as relieving any person from other applicable permit requirements. The following requirements are intended to insure conformity between existing City permit processes and the provisions of this Article:


Upon the designation of a building as a Significant or Contributory Building, or upon the designation of the Conservation District, the Planning Department shall inform the Central Permit Bureau of said designation or, in the case of a Conservation District, of the boundaries of said District and a complete list of all the buildings within said District and their designations. The Central Permit Bureau shall maintain a current record of such Buildings and Conservation Districts.


Upon receipt of any application for a building permit, demolition permit, site permit, alteration permit, or any other permit relating to a Significant or Contributory Building or a building within a designated Conservation District, the Central Permit Bureau shall forward such application to the Planning Department. If the Planning Department determines that the application is subject to provisions of this Article, processing shall proceed under the provisions of this Article. The Central Permit Bureau shall not issue any permit for construction, alteration, removal or demolition of any structure, or for any work involving a Significant or Contributory Building or a building within a Conservation District unless either the Planning Department has determined that such application is exempt from the provisions of this Article, or processing under this Article is complete and necessary approvals under this Article have been obtained. The issuance of any permit by a City department or agency that is inconsistent with any provision of this Article may be revoked by the Director of the Department of Building Inspection pursuant to the provisions of the San Francisco Building Code.


No abatement proceedings or enforcement proceedings shall be undertaken by any department of the City for a Significant or Contributory building or a building within a Conservation District without, to the extent feasible, prior notification of the Planning Department and the HPC. Such proceedings shall comply with the provisions of this Article where feasible.



(Formerly codified as Sec. 1115; redesignated and amended by Ord. 95-12, File No. 120301, App. 5/21/2012, Eff. 6/20/2012)

(Former Sec. 1117 added by Ord. 414-85, App. 9/17/85; redesignated as Sec. 1119 by Ord. 95-12, File No. 120301, App. 5/21/2012, Eff. 6/20/2012)

Former Sec. 1115 redesignated as current Sec. 1117; divisions (a), (b), and (c) amended; Ord. 95-12, Eff. 6/20/2012.


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