§ 206.4.


This district is intended to recognize, protect, conserve and enhance areas characterized by a mixture of houses and apartment buildings, covering a range of densities and building forms. RTO Districts are composed of multi-family moderate-density areas, primarily areas formerly designated RM and RH-3, and are well served within short walking distance, generally less than ¼-mile, of transit and neighborhood commercial areas. Transit available on nearby streets is frequent and/or provides multiple lines serving different parts of the City or region. Limited small-scale neighborhood-oriented retail and services is common and permitted throughout the neighborhood on corner parcels only to provide goods and services to residents within walking distance, but the districts are otherwise residential. Only retail compatible with housing, generally those permitted in NC-1 Districts, is permitted and auto-oriented uses are not permitted. Hours of operation are restricted and off-street parking is not permitted for these very locally-oriented uses.

A fine-grain pattern of 25-foot to 35-foot building widths is prevalent, and structures typically range from two to five stories in height. While some one- and two-family structures are present, the character of the district is primarily of structures with three or more units of a range of sizes and types suitable for a variety of households. Buildings are moderately scaled and segmented, and units or groups of units have separate entrances directly from the street. The overall residential density is regulated by the permitted and required height, bulk, setbacks, and open space of each parcel, along with residential design guidelines. Because of the high availability of transit service and the proximity of retail and services within walking distance, many households do not own cars; it is common that not every dwelling unit has a parking space and overall off-street residential parking is limited. Open space is provided on-site, in the form of rear yards, decks, balconies, roof-decks, and courtyards, and is augmented by nearby public parks, plazas, and enhanced streetscapes.


(Added by Ord. 72-08, File No. 071157, App. 4/3/2008)


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