§ 207.1.


The following rules shall apply in the calculation of dwelling unit densities under this Code:


The entire amount of lot area per dwelling unit specified in Sections 207.5 or 209.1 of this Code shall be required for each dwelling unit on the lot. Fractional numbers shall be adjusted downward to the next lower whole number of dwelling units.


Where permitted by the provisions of Sections 207.5, 209.1 and 209.2 of this Code, two or more of the dwelling and other housing uses specified in said sections may be located on a single lot, either in one structure or in separate structures, provided that the specified density limits are not exceeded by the total of such combined uses. Where dwelling units and group housing are combined, the maximum permitted density for dwelling units and for group housing shall be prorated to the total lot area according to the quantities of these two uses that are combined on the lot.


Where any portion of a lot is narrower than five feet, such a portion shall not be counted as part of the lot area for purposes of calculating the permitted dwelling density.


No private right-of-way used as the principal vehicular access to two or more lots shall be counted as part of the lot area of any such lot for purposes of calculating the permitted dwelling unit density.


Where a lot is divided by a use district boundary line, the dwelling unit density limit for each district shall be applied to the portion of the lot in that district, and none of the dwelling units attributable to the district permitting the greater density shall be located in the district permitting the lesser density.


In the RTO District, dwelling units that are affordable (meeting the criteria of Section 406(b) or the requirements of Section 415) shall not count toward density calculations or be limited by lot area.



(Added by Ord. 443-78, App. 10/6/78; amended by Ord. 115-90, App. 4/6/90; Ord. 72-08, File No. 071157, App. 4/3/2008; Ord. 298-08, File No. 081153, App. 12/19/2008; Ord. 196-11 , File No. 110786, App. 10/4/2011, Eff. 11/3/2011)

Division (f) amended; Ord. 196-11 ,  Eff. 11/3/2011.


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