§ 207.4.


The density of dwelling units in Neighborhood Commercial Districts shall be as stated in the following subsections:


The rules for calculation of dwelling unit densities set forth in Section 207.1 of this Code shall apply in Neighborhood Commercial Districts, except that any remaining fraction of ½ or more of the minimum amount of lot area per dwelling unit shall be adjusted upward to the next higher whole number of dwelling units.

The dwelling unit density in Neighborhood Commercial Districts shall be at a density ratio not exceeding the number of dwelling units permitted in the nearest Residential District, provided that the maximum density ratio shall in no case be less than the amount set forth in the zoning control table for the district. The distance to each Residential District shall be measured from the midpoint of the front lot line or from a point directly across the street therefrom, whichever permits the greater density.


The dwelling unit density for dwellings specifically designed for and occupied by senior citizens or persons with physical disabilities shall be at a density ratio not exceeding twice the number of dwelling units permitted by the limits set forth in Subsection (a).


The dwelling unit density in the RCD District and NCT Districts, as listed in Section 702.1(b), shall not be limited by lot area, but by the applicable requirements and limitations elsewhere in this Code, including but not limited to height, bulk, setbacks, open space, exposure, and unit mix, as well as by applicable design guidelines, applicable elements and area plans of the General Plan, and design review by the Planning Department.



(Added by Ord. 69-87, App. 3/13/87; amended by Ord. 262-00, File No. 001426, App. 11/17/2000; Ord. 72-08, File No. 071157, App. 4/3/2008; Ord. 298-08, File No. 081153, App. 12/19/2008; Ord. 42-13 , File No. 130002, App. 3/28/2013, Eff. 4/27/2013; Ord. 261-13 , File No. 130084, App. 11/27/2013, Eff. 12/27/2013)

Division (c) amended; Ord. 42-13 , Eff. 4/27/2013. Divisions (a) and (b) amended; Ord. 261-13 , Eff. 12/27/2013.


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