§ 209.



The uses listed in Sections 209.1 through 209.9 are permitted in R Districts as indicated by the following symbols in the respective columns for each district:

P:  Permitted as a principal use in this district.

C:  Subject to approval by the City Planning Commission as a conditional use in this district as provided in Section 303 of this Code.

NA:  This listing not applicable to this district, as the same use is listed subsequently for the District with fewer restrictions.

Blank Space:  Not permitted in this district.


The Section titles are intended only as an aid to use of this Code and are not binding as to interpretation of these Sections. Uses listed in this table shall not include any use specifically listed elsewhere in the table.


Determinations as to the classification of uses not specifically listed shall be made in the manner indicated in Sections 202 and 307(a) of this Code.


References should be made to Sections 204 through 204.5 for regulations pertaining to accessory uses permitted for principal and conditional uses listed in Sections 209.1 through 209.9.


Reference should also be made to the other Articles of this Code containing provisions relating to definitions, off-street parking and loading dimensions, areas and open spaces, nonconforming uses, height and bulk districts, signs, historic preservation, and other factors affecting the development and alteration of properties in these use Districts.


Reference should be made to Section 249.1 for provisions pertaining to uses in the Folsom and Main Residential/Commercial Special Use District.


(Ord. 532-85, § 6, 1985; amended by Ord. 443-78, App. 10/6/78; Ord. 217-05, File No. 050865, App. 8/19/2005)


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