§ 210.2.


These districts serve several functions. On a larger scale than the C-1 Districts, they provide convenience goods and services to residential areas of the City, both in outlying sections and in closer-in, more densely built communities. In addition, some C-2 Districts provide comparison shopping goods and services on a general or specialized basis to a Citywide or a regional market area, complementing the main area for such types of trade in downtown San Francisco. The extent of these districts varies from smaller clusters of stores to larger concentrated areas, including both shopping centers and strip developments along major thoroughfares, and in each case the character and intensity of commercial development are intended to be consistent with the character of other uses in the adjacent areas. As in C-1 Districts, the emphasis is upon compatible retail uses, but a wider variety of goods and services is included to suit the longer-term needs of customers and a greater latitude is given for the provision of automobile-oriented uses.


(Amended by Ord. 136-68, App. 5/29/68)


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