§ 210.7.


These districts provide space for a wide variety of PDR (production, distribution and repair) and other non-residential activities in districts where these uses are free from inherent economic and operational competition and conflicts with housing, large office developments, and large-scale retail, which are not permitted in these districts. Other uses that share operational characteristics with PDR uses are permitted in these districts, as they require large flexible spaces and prefer separation from intensive housing districts. PDR-zoned land is also an important reservoir of space in San Francisco for new and evolving industry and activity types that cannot be foreseen today and cannot practically function or compete for space in a typical downtown office or neighborhood commercial environment. Business and activities allowed in PDR Districts generally share a need for flexible operating space that features large open interior spaces, high ceilings, freight loading docks and elevators, floors capable of bearing heavy loads, and large (often uncovered exterior) storage areas. These uses are often not ideally compatible with housing for operational reasons, including the need for significant trucking and delivery activities, 24-hour operation, and emission of noise, odors and vibrations. Importantly, PDR uses are limited in the amount of rent they can afford relative to office, retail, and residential uses, yet are important sectors of the City’s economy.


(Added by Ord. 99-08, File No. 080339, App. 6/11/2008)


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