§ 247.



Purpose. In order to provide that a certain area within the C-3-S District be able to be developed for hotel use with an increased basic floor area ratio of 7.5 to 1, there shall be a “Downtown Support Special Use District” (also referred to as the “C-3-S (SU) District”) as designated on Zoning Map 1. Development at densities above the basic floor area ratio of 7.5:1 in this special use district will not be permitted.


Requirements. The basic and maximum floor area ratio of the C-3-S (SU) District, after purchase of all market-rate, available TDR within the C-3-S District, shall be 7.5:1. Where there are fewer square feet of TDR within the C-3-S District available than the Planning Commission determines is required for a project, the Planning Commission may, as part of a Section 309 review, authorize a project sponsor to make a monetary contribution towards the preservation of a Landmark building within the C-3 area in an amount to be determined by the Commission. For purposes of this Section 247, the C-3 area shall include any C-3 District and any P District adjacent thereto. All other provisions of this Code applicable to the C-3-S District shall apply in the C-3-S (SU) District.


(Added by Ord. 275-03, File No. 021577, App. 12/10/2003)


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