§ 249.40.



Purpose. The Potrero Center Mixed-Use Special Use District is intended to facilitate the continued operation of the shopping center located at 2300 16th Street, which is characterized by large formula retail sales and services, while providing an appropriate regulatory scheme for a potential phased mixed-use redevelopment of the shopping center in the future.


Geography. The boundaries of the Potrero Center Mixed-Use Special Use District shall consist of Assessor’s Block 3930A, Lot 002 as designated on the Zoning Map of the City and County of San Francisco and generally bound by Bryant Street to the west, 16th Street to the south, Potrero Avenue to the east, and Assessor’s Blocks 3931A, 3921A and 3922A to the north.


Controls. All provisions of the Planning Code shall continue to apply, except for the following:


Floor Area Ratio. The maximum floor area ratio (FAR) set forth in Section 124 shall not apply to Retail Sales and Services uses or to Gym uses. The maximum FAR for Retail Sales and Service uses and Gym uses shall not exceed 3.0:1.


Use Size Limitations for Retail Sales and Services and Gyms. The use size limitations and ratio requirements applicable to Retail Sales and Service uses and Gym uses of Sections 121.6(a), 803.9(i), 843.45 and 843.51 shall not apply. Retail Sales and Service uses and Gym uses are principally permitted, and the replacement of one such use or tenant by another such use or tenant in an existing store or gym, regardless of its size, is permitted. Newly constructed space for Retail Sales and Service uses or Gym uses larger than 25,000 gross square feet per use or the expansion of an existing Retail Sales and Services use or Gym use by more than 25,000 new gross square feet per use shall require conditional use authorization pursuant to the provisions of Section 303.


Formula Retail. The Formula Retail requirements of Sections 803.6 and 843.46 shall not apply. Formula Retail uses shall be permitted, unless the use is otherwise prohibited or requires conditional use authorization pursuant to other subsections of Section 843.


Housing Requirements. The Potrero Center is one of the largest properties in the UMU zoning district that provides a unique opportunity for a mixed-use project with the provision of a significant amount of affordable housing, through either on-site inclusionary units, a dedication of a portion of the land or the air rights of the property to the City. This would enable the City (or another affordable housing developer) to develop affordable housing on such dedicated portion or provide for a combination of both on-site inclusionary housing and land dedication. The City supports such affordable housing production in this location, rather than in an off-site location or locations. The provisions of Sections 319.4(a)(3)(A) and 319.4(a)(3)(B) shall be modified to increase the off-site affordable unit election and in lieu fee election requirements from 27 percent to 30 percent of the total number of units produced in the principal project. The findings of Section 319.1 concerning the provision of affordable housing are incorporated herein by reference.


Land Dedication Election. The Land Dedication Alternative for the provision of inclusionary housing units specified in Section 319.4(b)(2) may be satisfied incrementally over time in the event that portions of the SUD are redeveloped in phases and may be satisfied through the dedication to the City of air space parcels above or adjacent to retail, parking or other uses, as well as through dedications of land, upon the approval of the Mayor’s Office of Housing or a successor entity, and provided the requirements of Section 319.4(b)(2)(A)-(I) are otherwise satisfied.


(Added by Ord. 304-08, File No. 081334, App. 12/19/2008)


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