§ 249.44.



General. A Special Use District entitled the Hunters View Special Use District is hereby established for the Hunters View Housing Authority site within the City and County of San Francisco.


Purpose. The San Francisco Housing Authority, in partnership with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, proposes to demolish the existing public housing on the Hunters View site and to develop a mixture of public housing, affordable rental and ownership housing, and market-rate housing to replace it. It is anticipated that the project will be developed in multiple phases. Proceeds from the sale of the market rate units will be used to cross-collateralize the construction of the public housing and rental units. In order to achieve a successful program, the density of the Hunters View site will be increased from 267 units to up to 800 units. Due to the difficult topography of the site, such density cannot be achieved without an increase in the density limit for the site. Similarly, because of the desire to integrate key non-residential supportive uses, allowances for some non-residential uses will be necessary.


Density. The Planning Department may approve individual phases of a project within the Hunters View Special Use District at a density that exceeds the limitations of the underlying use district if:


the subject phase of the project was contemplated by and authorized as part of a planned unit development for the site authorized by the Planning Commission under Section 304 of this Code; and


the subject phase of the project is in general conformity with any Design for Development or other design guidelines approved by the Planning Commission as part of the planned unit development.


Uses. Notwithstanding any restrictions on uses in the underlying zoning applicable to the Hunters View Special Use District, or that are set forth in Planning Code Section 304, 304(d)(5), or other sections of this Code, uses that are either principally or conditionally permitted within an NC-1 District are principally permitted within the Hunters View Special Use District if the criteria set forth in subsection (c) above are met.

For purposes of this Section 249.39, a project phase may include subdivisions and the establishment of new uses through tenant improvements.


(Added by Ord. 201-08, File No. 080692, App. 8/22/2008)


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