§ 249.49.



Purposes. To regulate off-street parking and the installation of garages in existing residential structures in order to ensure that they do not significantly increase the level of automobile traffic, increase pollution, or impair pedestrian use on narrow public rights-of-way in the District; and to prevent the ability to add parking from providing an incentive to convert existing residential buildings from rental buildings to tenancies-in-common.


Applicability. The provisions of this Special Use District shall apply to the RH and RM zoned parcels within the area bounded by Bay Street on the north, The Embarcadero and Sansome Street on the east, Broadway on the South, and Columbus Avenue on the west, as shown on Sectional Map SU01 of the Zoning Map.




Number of Off-Street Residential Parking Spaces. Up to three cars for each four dwelling units is a Permitted use; up to one car for each dwelling unit requires a Conditional use, subject to the criteria and procedures of Section 151.1(f); above one car for each dwelling unit is Not Permitted.


Installation of a Parking Garage. Installation of a garage in an existing residential building of four or more units requires a mandatory discretionary review hearing by the Planning Commission; Section 311 notice is required for a building of less than four units. In approving installation of the garage, the Commission shall find that: (1) the proposed garage opening/addition of off-street parking will not cause the “removal” or “conversion of residential unit,” as those terms are defined in Section 317 of this Code; (2) the proposed garage opening/addition of off-street parking will not substantially decrease the livability of a dwelling unit without increasing the floor area in a commensurate amount; (3) the building has not had two or more “no-fault” evictions, as defined in 37.9(a)(7)-(13) of the San Francisco Administrative Code, with each eviction associated with a separate unit(s) within the past ten years, (4) the garage would not front on a public right-of-way narrower than 41 feet, and (5) the proposed garage/addition of off-street parking installation is consistent with the Priority Policies of Section 101.1 of this Code.

Prior to the Planning Commission hearing, or prior to issuance of notification under Section 311(c)(2) of this Code, the Planning Department shall require a signed affidavit by the project sponsor attesting to (1), (2), and (3) above, which the Department shall independently verify. The Department shall also have made a determination that the project complies with (4) and (5) above.



(Added by Ord. 77-10, File No. 091165, App. 4/16/2010; amended by Ord. 176-12 , File No. 120472, App. 8/7/2012, Eff. 9/6/2012)

New division (b) added and former division (b) redesignated as current division (c); Ord. 176-12 , Eff. 9/6/2012.


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