§ 249.67.



Purpose. The Art & Design Educational Special Use District is intended to facilitate the continued operation of the California College of the Arts campus at 1111 Eighth Street, which is characterized by instruction in industrial arts and/or fine arts, while providing an appropriate regulatory scheme for a potential phased expansion of the campus in the future.


Geography. The boundaries of the Art & Design Educational Special Use District are shown on Sectional Map No. SU08 of the Zoning Map. The area includes Parcel numbers 3808/004, 3820/002, 3913/002, and 3913/003.


Controls. All provisions of the Planning Code currently applicable shall continue to apply, including but not limited to the provisions of the PDR-1-D zoning district, except as otherwise provided in this Section.


Postsecondary Educational Institutional Uses. Postsecondary educational institutional uses are exempted from use size limitations and shall be permitted as of right. Postsecondary educational institutional uses for the purposes of academic, professional, business or fine-arts education shall have an institutional master plan considered by the Planning Commission pursuant to Section 304.5 of this Code.


Student Housing. Student housing, as defined by Section 102.36 of this Code, is permitted subject to the following requirements:

(i) For any housing project within this Special Use District, the standards for development project review, entitlement process, and impact fees of the UMU District shall apply.


The total number of beds on all parcels within the Special Use District shall not exceed 750. The number of beds per parcel is not limited, but will be determined by the regulations on the built envelope of buildings, including height, bulk, setbacks, and lot coverage.


Temporary Structures. The Zoning Administrator may authorize a temporary structure without a public hearing provided that the structure is occupied by a use that is permitted by right or is a use authorized by this Section 249.67.


(Added by Ord. 108-13 , File No. 111278, App. 6/21/2013, Eff. 7/21/2013)


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