§ 350.


Fees shall be imposed in order to compensate the Planning Department for the cost of processing applications and for the development and revision of land use controls. Fees shall be charged and collected as indicated for each class of application, permit, filing request or activity listed in Sections 351 through 358 below.


Estimated construction costs are as defined by the San Francisco Building Code.


All fees are payable at time of filing application or request, except where noted otherwise. However, the Director of Planning or his/her designee may authorize phased collection of the fee for a project whose work is projected to span more than one fiscal year. A nonrefundable processing fee of $53 is required to set-up any installment payment plan for all application fees. The balance of phased payments must be paid in full one week in advance of the first scheduled public hearing before the Planning Commission to consider the project or before issuance of the first site permit if no hearing is required.


Time and Materials. The Planning Department shall charge the applicant for any time and materials cost incurred in excess of the initial fee charged if required to recover the Department’s costs for providing services.


The Department shall charge time and materials to recover the cost of correcting code violations and violations of Planning Commission and Department conditions of approval of use if such costs are not covered by the monitoring fee for conditions of approval specified in Section 351(e)(1).


Where a different limitation on time and material charges is set forth elsewhere in this Article, that limitation shall prevail.


The Planning Department may also charge for any time and material costs incurred by other departments or agencies of the City and County of San Francisco.


Any balance of time and materials costs for active and open projects must be paid in full one week in advance of a scheduled public hearing before the Planning Commission to consider the project or before issuance of the first site permit if no hearing is required.


Refunds. When an application is withdrawn by the applicant prior to a public hearing, or deemed canceled by the Planning Department due to inactivity on the part of the applicant, then the applicant shall be entitled to a refund of the fee paid to the Department less the time and materials expended minus a $436 processing fee. Refund requests must be submitted within six months of the project closure date.


Deferred or Reduced Fee.


Any fraternal, charitable, benevolent or any other nonprofit organization, that is exempt from taxation under the Internal Revenue laws of the United States and the Revenue and Taxation Code of the State of California as a bona fide fraternal, charitable, benevolent or other nonprofit organization, or public entity that submits an application for the development of residential units all of which are affordable to low and moderate income households, as defined by the United States Housing and Urban Development Department, for a time period that is consistent with the policy of the Mayor’s Office of Housing and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, may defer payment of the fees except those under 352d and 352n until (1) before final Planning Department approval of the building permit, preparatory to issuance of the building permit, before the building permit is released to the applicant, or (2) within one year of the date of action on the application, whichever comes first. This exemption shall apply notwithstanding the inclusion in the development of other nonprofit ancillary or accessory uses. Should the project be withdrawn prior to final Planning approval, the applicant shall pay time and material costs pursuant to Section 350(c).


An exemption from paying the full fees specified under Section 352d and 352n may be granted when the requestor’s income is not enough to pay for the fee without affecting their abilities to pay for the necessities of life, provided that the person seeking the exemption demonstrates to the Planning Director or his/her designee that they are substantially affected by the proposed project.


Late Payment.


Charges and Collection of Overdue Accounts. The Director or his/her designee shall call upon the Bureau of Delinquent Revenues or duly licensed collection agencies for assistance in collecting delinquent accounts more than 60 days in arrears, in which case any additional costs of collection may be added to the fee amount outstanding. If the Department seeks the assistance of a duly licensed collection agency, the approval procedures of Administrative Code Article 5, Section 10.39-1 et seq. will be applicable.


Fee Adjustments.


The Controller will annually adjust the fee amounts specified in Sections 350-358 by the two-year average consumer price index (CPI) change for the San Francisco/San Jose Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA). For a listing of the Department’s current fees inclusive of annual indexing for inflation, reference the Schedule of Application Fees available on the Department website.



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