§ 358.



The fee for the relocation agreement application pursuant to Section 611 and Administrative Code Section 2.21 shall be $1,249.00 per individual relocation agreement application.


The fee for the initial inventory processing pursuant to Section 604.2 shall be $699.00 per sign structure.


The fee for an in-lieu application pursuant to Section 604.1 shall be $399.00 per sign structure.


The fee for annual inventory maintenance pursuant to Section 604.2 shall be $226.00.


Fee Review and Adjustment. Beginning with fiscal year 2007-2008, the fees established in this Section may be adjusted each year, without further action by the Board of Supervisors, to reflect changes in the relevant Consumer Price Index, as determined by the Controller. No later that April 15th of each year, the Director shall submit the Department’s current fees schedule to the Controller, who shall apply the price index adjustment to produce a new fee schedule for the following year. No later that May 15th of each year, the Controller shall file a report with the Board of Supervisors reporting the new fee schedule and certifying that: (a) the fees produce sufficient revenue to support the costs of providing the services for which the fee is charged and (b) the fees do not produce revenue that exceeds the costs of providing the services for which each permit fee is charged. Notwithstanding the procedures set forth in this Section, the Board of Supervisors, in its discretion, may modify the fees by ordinance at any time.



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Fees increased throughout section; Ord. 156-11, Eff. 8/31/2011.


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