§ 304.


In districts other than C-3, the Eastern Neighborhoods Mixed Use Districts, the DTR Districts, or the South of Market Mixed Use Districts, the Planning Commission may authorize as conditional uses, in accordance with the provisions of Section 303, Planned Unit Developments subject to the further requirements and procedures of this Section. After review of any proposed development, the Planning Commission may authorize such development as submitted or may modify, alter, adjust or amend the plan before authorization, and in authorizing it may prescribe other conditions as provided in Section 303(d). The development as authorized shall be subject to all conditions so imposed and shall be excepted from other provisions of this Code only to the extent specified in the authorization.


Objectives. The procedures for Planned Unit Developments are intended for projects on sites of considerable size, developed as integrated units and designed to produce an environment of stable and desirable character which will benefit the occupants, the neighborhood and the City as a whole. In cases of outstanding overall design, complementary to the design and values of the surrounding area, such a project may merit a well reasoned modification of certain of the provisions contained elsewhere in this Code.


Nature of Site. The tract or parcel of land involved must be either in one ownership, or the subject of an application filed jointly by the owners of all the property included or by the Redevelopment Agency of the City. It must constitute all or part of a Redevelopment Project Area, or if not must include an area of not less than ½ acre, exclusive of streets, alleys and other public property that will remain undeveloped.


Application and Plans. The application must describe the proposed development in detail, and must be accompanied by an overall development plan showing, among other things, the use or uses, dimensions and locations of structures, parking spaces, and areas, if any, to be reserved for streets, open spaces and other public purposes. The application must include such pertinent information as may be necessary to a determination that the objectives of this Section are met, and that the proposed development warrants the modification of provisions otherwise applicable under this Code.


Criteria and Limitations. The proposed development must meet the criteria applicable to conditional uses as stated in Section 303(c) and elsewhere in this Code. In addition, it shall:


Affirmatively promote applicable objectives and policies of the General Plan;


Provide off-street parking adequate for the occupancy proposed;


Provide open space usable by the occupants and, where appropriate, by the general public, at least equal to the open spaces required by this Code;


Be limited in dwelling unit density to less than the density that would be allowed by Article 2 of this Code for a district permitting a greater density, so that the Planned Unit Development will not be substantially equivalent to a reclassification of property;


In R Districts, include commercial uses only to the extent that such uses are necessary to serve residents of the immediate vicinity, subject to the limitations for NC-1 Districts under this Code, and in RTO Districts include commercial uses only according to the provisions of Section 230 of this Code;


Under no circumstances be excepted from any height limit established by Article 2.5 of this Code, unless such exception is explicitly authorized by the terms of this Code. In the absence of such an explicit authorization, exceptions from the provisions of this Code with respect to height shall be confined to minor deviations from the provisions for measurement of height in Sections 260 and 261 of this Code, and no such deviation shall depart from the purposes or intent of those sections;


In NC Districts, be limited in gross floor area to that allowed under the floor area ratio limit permitted for the district in Section 124 and Article 7 of this Code;


In NC Districts, not violate the use limitations by story set forth in Article 7 of this Code; and


In RTO and NCT Districts, include the extension of adjacent alleys or streets onto or through the site, and/or the creation of new publicly-accessible streets or alleys through the site as appropriate, in order to break down the scale of the site, continue the surrounding existing pattern of block size, streets and alleys, and foster beneficial pedestrian and vehicular circulation.


Provide street trees as per the requirements of Section 138.1 of the Code.


Provide landscaping and permeable surfaces in any required setbacks in accordance with Section 132 (g) and (h).



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Division (d)(1) amended; Ord. 56-13 , Eff. 4/27/2013.


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