§ 320.


When used in Sections 320, 321, 322 and 323, the following terms shall each have the meaning indicated.


“Additional office space” shall mean the number of square feet of gross floor area of office space created by an office development, reduced, in the case of a modification or conversion, by the number of square feet of gross floor area of preexisting office space which is lost.


“Approval period” shall mean the 12-month period beginning on October 17, 1985 and each subsequent 12-month period.


“Approve” shall mean to approve issuance of a project authorization and shall include actions of the City Planning Commission, Board of Permit Appeals and Board of Supervisors.


“Completion” shall mean the first issuance of a temporary certificate of occupancy or a Certificate of Final Completion and Occupancy as defined in San Francisco Building Code Section 307.


“Disapprove” shall mean for an appellate administrative agency or court, on review of an office development, to direct that construction shall not proceed, in whole or in part.


“Office space” shall mean space within a structure intended or primarily suitable for occupancy by persons or entities which perform for their own benefit or provide to others services at that location, including but not limited to professional, banking, insurance, management, consulting, technical, sales and design, or the office functions of manufacturing and warehousing businesses, but shall exclude the following: Retail use; repair; any business characterized by the physical transfer of tangible goods to customers on the premises; wholesale shipping, receiving and storage; any facility, other than physicians’ or other individuals’ offices and uses accessory thereto, customarily used for furnishing medical services, and design showcases or any other space intended and primarily suitable for display of goods. This definition shall include all uses encompassed within Section 219 of this Code.


“Office development” shall mean construction, modification or conversion of any structure or structures or portion of any structure or structures, with the effect of creating additional office space, excepting only:


Development which will result in less than 25,000 square feet of additional office space;


Development either:


Authorized under San Francisco Redevelopment Agency disposition or owner participation agreements which have been approved by Agency resolution prior to the effective date of this Section, or


Authorized prior to the effective date of this Section by Agency resolution in anticipation of such agreements with particular developers identified in the same or a subsequent agency resolution;


Any development which is governed by prior law under Section 175.1(b) of this Code, unless modified after the effective date specified in Section 175.1(b) to add more than 15,000 square feet of additional office space. Any addition of office space up to 15,000 square feet shall count against the maximum for the approval period, pursuant to Section 321(a)(2)(B);


Any development including conversion of 50,000 square feet or more of manufacturing space to office space where the manufacturing uses previously located in such space are relocated to another site within the City and County of San Francisco and the acquisition or renovation of the new manufacturing site is funded in whole or part by an Urban Development Action Grant approved by the Board of Supervisors;


Any mixed-residential-commercial development which will be assisted by Community Development Block Grant funds approved by the Board of Supervisors in which all of the housing units shall be affordable to low-income households for a minimum of 40 years and for which an environmental review application and site permit application have been filed prior to the effective date of this ordinance which enacted the provisions of this Section;


Any development authorized pursuant to a Planned Unit Development, as provided for by City Planning Code Section 304, providing for a total of 500 or more additional units of housing, provided such development first received a Planned Unit Development authorization prior to November 4, 1986. Such Planned Unit Development may be amended from time to time by the Planning Commission, but in no event shall any such amendment increase the amount of office space allowed for the development beyond the amount approved by the Planning Commission prior to November 4, 1986.


“Project authorization” shall mean the authorization issued by the Department of City Planning pursuant to Sections 321 and 322 of this Code.


“Replacement office space” shall mean, with respect to a development exempted by Subsection (g)(6) of this Section, that portion of the additional office space which does not represent a net addition to the amount of office space used by the occupant’s employees in San Francisco.


“Retail use” shall mean supply of commodities on the premises including, but not limited to, stores, shops, restaurants, bars, eating and drinking businesses, and the uses defined in Planning Code Sections 218 and 220 through 225.


“Preexisting office space” shall mean office space used primarily and continuously for office use and not accessory to any use other than office use for five years prior to Planning Commission approval of an office development project which office use was fully legal under the terms of San Francisco law.


(Added by Ord. 414-85, App. 9/17/85; amended by Proposition M, 11/4/86; Proposition C, 6/2/87)


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