§ 323.


The City Planning Commission may by rule permit such persons as elect to do so, to submit a preliminary application on a proposed office development before submitting any application for a project authorization. Such a preliminary application shall contain such information as the Commission may require. With respect to each proposed office development for which all the information required by the Department of City Planning is timely submitted to the Department, the Director of Planning or his designee shall, in writing, issue an advisory opinion to the person submitting such information, as to whether he or she at that time intends to recommend, based on the information submitted to him or her, the proposed development for denial by the City Planning Commission. The advice and recommendation of the Director shall neither convey, nor foreclose, any right to proceed with a project authorization application or the development and shall constitute neither approval nor denial of the development. The Director’s recommendations under this Section shall be governed by Section 321(b) of this Code.


(Added by Ord. 414-85, App. 9/17/85)


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