§ 341.5.



Purpose: Within 6 months of adoption of the Market and Octavia Area Plan and related planning code changes, the Board of Supervisors shall establish a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) The CAC will be advisory, as appropriate, to the Planning Director, the Interagency Plan Implementation Committee, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors. The CAC may perform the following functions as needed;


Collaborate with the Planning Department and the Inter-Agency Plan Implementation Committee on prioritizing the community improvement projects and identifying implementation details as part of annual expenditure program that is adopted by the Board of Supervisors;


Provide an advisory a role in a report-back process from the Planning Department on enforcement of individual projects’ compliance with the Market and Octavia Area Plan standards and specific conditions of project approvals, including the specific first-source hiring requirements for the Plan Area such that those agreements will be more effectively implemented;


Collaborate with the Planning Department in updating the community improvements program at a minimum of every fifth year in coordination with relevant City agencies; Providing input to Plan area monitoring efforts for required time-series reporting.


Representation: The Board of Supervisors shall appoint 2/3 of the committee membersand the Mayor shall appoint 1/3 of the committee members on the CAC, Both the Board and the Mayor shall appoint members that represent the diversity of the plan area. The Citizens Advisory Committee shall be comprised of 7 – 11 community members from varying geographic, socio-economic, ethnic, racial, gender, and sexual orientations living or working within the plan area. At a minimum, there must be one representative from each of the geographic areas of the Plan Area. The CAC should adequately represent key stakeholders including resident renters, resident homeowners, low-income residents, local merchants, established neighborhood groups within the plan area, and other groups identified through refinement of the CAC process. Each member shall be appointed by the Board and will serve for two-year terms, but those terms shall be staggered such that, of the initial membership, some members will be randomly selected to serve four-year terms and some will serve two-year terms. The Board of Supervisors may renew a member’s term.

The Planning Department or Interagency Plan Implementation Committee shall designate necessary staffing from relevant agencies to the CAC,as needed to complete the CAC’s responsibilities described in this Code. To the extent permitted by law, staffing for the CAC shall be funded through the Market & Octavia Community Improvements Fund administration fees.


(Added by Ord. 72-08, File No. 071157, App. 4/3/2008)


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