§ 406.



Waiver or Reduction Based on Absence of Reasonable Relationship.


The sponsor of any development project subject to a development fee or development impact requirement imposed by this Article may appeal to the Board of Supervisors for a reduction, adjustment, or waiver of the requirement based upon the absence of any reasonable relationship or nexus between the impact of development and either the amount of the fee charged or the on-site requirement.


Any appeal authorized by this Section shall be made in writing and filed with the Clerk of the Board no later than 15 days after the date the Department or Commission takes final action on the project approval that assesses the requirement. The appeal shall set forth in detail the factual and legal basis for the claim of waiver, reduction, or adjustment.


The Board of Supervisors shall consider the appeal at a public hearing within 60 days after the filing of the appeal. The appellant shall bear the burden of presenting substantial evidence to support the appeal, including comparable technical information to support appellant’s position. The decision of the Board shall be by a simple majority vote and shall be final.


If a reduction, adjustment, or waiver is granted, any change in use within the project shall invalidate the waiver, adjustment, or reduction of the fee or inclusionary requirement. If the Board grants a reduction, adjustment or waiver, the Clerk of the Board shall promptly transmit the nature and extent of the reduction, adjustment or waiver to the Development Fee Collection Unit at DBI and the Unit shall modify the Project Development Fee Report to reflect the change.


Waiver or Reduction, Based on Housing Affordability.


An affordable housing unit shall receive a waiver from the Rincon Hill Community Infrastructure Impact Fee, the Market and Octavia Community Improvements Impact Fee, the Eastern Neighborhoods Infrastructure Impact Fee, the Balboa Park Impact Fee, and the Visitacion Valley Community Facilities and Infrastructure Impact Fee if the affordable housing unit:


is affordable to a household at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (as published by HUD), including units that qualify as replacement Section 8 units under the HOPE SF program;


is subsidized by MOH, the San Francisco Housing Authority, and/or the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency; and


is subsidized in a manner which maintains its affordability for a term no less than 55 years, whether it is a rental or ownership opportunity. Project sponsors must demonstrate to the Planning Department staff that a governmental agency will be enforcing the term of affordability and reviewing performance and service plans as necessary.


Projects that meet the requirements of this subsection are eligible for a 100 percent fee reduction until an alternative fee schedule is published by the Department.


This waiver clause shall not be applied to units built as part of a developer’s efforts to meet the requirements of the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program, and Section 415 of this Code.


Waiver Based on Duplication of Fees. The City shall make every effort not to assess duplicative fees on new development. In general, project sponsors are only eligible for fee waivers under this Subsection if a contribution to another fee program would result in a duplication of charges for a particular type of community infrastructure. The Department shall publish a schedule annually of all known opportunities for waivers and reductions under this clause, including the specific rate. Requirements under Section 135 and 138 of this Code do not qualify for a waiver or reduction. Should future fees pose a duplicative charge, such as a Citywide open space or childcare fee, the same methodology shall apply and the Department shall update the schedule of waivers or reductions accordingly.


(Added by Ord. 108-10, File No. 091275, App. 5/25/2010; Ord. 3-11, File No. 101247, App. 1/7/2011; Ord. 47-11, File No. 110009, App. 3/16/2011)


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