§ 408.



Except in the case of a project for which MTA is responsible for the determination and collection of the TIDF under Section 411.9(d) of this Article, if a first construction document or first certificate of occupancy, whichever applies, is inadvertently or mistakenly issued prior to the project sponsor paying all development fees due and owing, or prior to the sponsor satisfying any development impact requirement, DBI shall institute lien proceedings to recover the development fee or fees, plus interest and any Development Fee Deferral Surcharge, under Section 107A.13.15 of the San Francisco Building Code.


(1) Where MTA is responsible for determination and collection of the TIDF under Section 411.9(d) of this Article, MTA has made a final determination of TIDF due under that Section, and the amount due from the project sponsor remains unpaid following 30 days from the date of mailing of the additional notice of payment due under that Section, MTA may initiate lien proceedings in accordance with Article XX of Chapter 10 of the San Francisco Administrative Code to make the entire unpaid balance of the fee that is due, including interest at the rate of one and one-half percent per month or fraction thereof on the amount of unpaid fee, a lien against all parcels used for the development project.


MTA shall send all notices required by Article XX to the owner or owners of the property and to the project sponsor if different from the owner. MTA shall also prepare a preliminary report, and notify the owner and sponsor of a hearing by the Board of Supervisors to confirm such report at least ten days before the date of the hearing. The report shall contain the owner and project sponsor’s names, a description of the development project, a description of the parcels of real property to be encumbered as set forth in the Assessor’s Map Books for the current year, a description of the alleged violation of Sections 411.1 et seq., and shall fix a time, date, and place for hearing. MTA shall transmit this report to the sponsor and each owner of record of the parcels of real property subject to the lien.


Any notice required to be given to an owner or project sponsor shall be deemed sufficiently served for all purposes in this Section if


personally served upon the owner or project sponsor, or


if deposited, postage prepaid, in the U.S. Mail addressed to the owner or project sponsor at the official address of the owner or project sponsor maintained by the Tax Collector for the mailing of tax bills or, if no such address is available, to the sponsor at the address of the development project and to the applicant for the site or building permit at the address on the permit application.


Except for the release of the lien recording fee authorized by Administrative Code Section 10.237, all sums collected by the Tax Collector under this Section shall be held in trust by the Treasurer and distributed as provided in Section 411.6 of this Code.



(Added by Ord. 108-10, File No. 091275, App. 5/25/2010; amended by Ord. 247-12 , File No. 120523, App. 12/18/2012, Eff. 1/17/2013)

Formerly undesignated material amended and designated as division (a); division (b) added; Ord. 247-12 , Eff. 1/17/2013.


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