§ 608.12.


There shall be a special sign district known as the “Showplace Square Special Sign District,” as designated on Sectional Map SSD of the Zoning Map of the City and County of San Francisco.


Purposes and Findings. In addition to furthering the purposes stated in Sections 101 and 601 of this Code, creation of the Showplace Square Special Sign District is intended to facilitate the transition of the Showplace Square area from its former industrial character to an area of design showrooms. Presently, wholesale and trade design showrooms and accessory uses have located in this area, replacing industrial-type uses. The showroom-type activities enhance the Showplace Square area and attract investments, development and other design improvements. Due to the changed environment, the existence of general advertising signs in the area is no longer appropriate and detracts from the emerging quality and character of the area.


Regulations. Within such special sign district:

1. No general advertising sign shall be permitted.


(Added by Ord. 64-88, App. 2/18/88)


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