§ 608.9.


There shall be a special sign district known as the “Jackson Square Special Sign District,” as designated on Sectional Map SSD of the Zoning Map of the City and County of San Francisco. The original copy of said Sectional Map with this Special Sign District indicated thereon is on file with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors under File No. [Ord. No.] 276-72.


Purposes and Findings.


In addition to furthering the purposes stated in Sections 101 and 601 of this Code, creation of the Jackson Square Special Sign District is intended to further the purposes of the Jackson Square Historic District created pursuant to Ordinance No. 221-72 and to foster the preservation and enhancement of said Historic District.


The standards established by these regulations are deemed to be minimum requirements. They are not intended in any way to preclude further design refinement or review by duly constituted private organizations which might consider more restrictive requirements as to any aspects limited herein, or as to additional aspects such as materials, color, graphics, types of representation, relationship of signs to one another and to architectural features, or the general quality of design.


Regulations. Within such Special Sign District:


No general advertising sign shall be permitted.


The area of all signs on a building shall not exceed an area of two square feet for each foot of street frontage occupied by the building, and shall in no event exceed a total of 100 square feet on each street frontage.


Notwithstanding the exceptions stated in Subsection 607(b) of this Code, no roof sign shall be permitted.


Notwithstanding the exceptions stated in Subsection 607(g) of this Code, no sign attached to a building shall extend or be located above the roofline of the building to which it is attached.


No projection shall exceed a horizontal distance of six feet beyond any street property line. This limitation shall apply to signs and to all other features including but not limited to marquees and awnings, with the sole exception of flagpoles for flags of any nation or political subdivision. All signs, marquees, awnings and other features shall be supported entirely by a building; no canopies shall be permitted.


Projecting signs for each establishment shall be limited to one sign on each street frontage occupied by the establishment.


All signs shall be placed entirely below the level of the lowest cornice or strong horizontal element located above the ground story of the building, but in no event higher than three feet above the top of the ceiling level of the ground story.


No directly illuminated sign shall be permitted.


(Added by Ord. 223-72, App. 8/9/72)


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