§ 608.


In addition to the zoning districts that are established under other Articles of this Code, there shall also be in the City such Special Sign Districts as are established in this Article 6 in order to carry out further the purposes of this Code. The designations, locations and boundaries of these Special Sign Districts shall be as provided in this Article and as shown on the Zoning Map referred to in Section 105, subject to the provisions of Section 105. The original of the sectional map of the Zoning Map for Special Sign Districts (numbered SSD) referred to in this Article is on file with the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors under File No. 138-62. In each such Special Sign District, signs, other than those signs exempted by Section 603 of this Code, shall be subject to the special controls in Sections 608.1 through 608.16, respectively, in addition to all other, or, if so expressly specified in those Sections, in lieu of other, applicable sign provisions of this Code. In the event of inconsistency with any other provision of Article 6, the most restrictive provision shall prevail unless this Code specifically provides otherwise.



(Amended by Ord. 64-77, App. 2/18/77; Ord. 69-87, App. 3/13/87; Ord. 285-94, App. 8/2/94; Ord. 59-08, File No. 031034, App. 4/10/2008; Ord. 195-11 , File No. 110448, App. 10/4/2011, Eff. 11/3/2011)

Section amended; Ord. 195-11 , Eff. 11/3/2011.


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