§ 609.4.


Any lawfully existing sign which is now or hereafter near a nonlandscaped portion of a freeway and which does not conform to the provisions of Section 608.5 of this Code shall be removed or altered to conform therewith within 10 years after the effective date of this Article 6, or within 10 years after such date as the precise route of the freeway has been determined and designated but not before such route has been opened to traffic, whichever date is later; provided, however, that any lawfully existing sign near the James Lick Freeway if located west of Fifth Street, north of Division Street, and east of 10th Street, or near the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge approach east of Fifth Street need not be removed or altered to conform to Section 608.5 prior to the end of its normal life if located within the area exempted from the prohibition of freeway signs by Section 4721.D(2) of the San Francisco Building Code as that Section was in effect immediately prior to the effective date of this Article 6.


(Added by Ord. 263-65, App. 10/22/65)


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