§ 703.5.



Eating and Drinking Uses. Such businesses shall operate in accordance with the following conditions:


The business operator shall maintain the main entrance to the building and all sidewalks abutting the subject property in a clean and sanitary condition in compliance with the Department of Public Works Street and Sidewalk Maintenance Standards. In addition, the operator shall be responsible for daily monitoring of the sidewalk within a one-block radius of the subject business to maintain the sidewalk free of paper or other litter associated with the business during business hours, in accordance with Article 1, Section 34 of the San Francisco Police Code.

For information about compliance, contact the Bureau of Street Use and Mapping, Department of Public Works.


When located within an enclosed space, the premises shall be adequately soundproofed or insulated for noise and operated so that incidental noise shall not be audible beyond the premises or in other sections of the building, and fixed-source equipment noise shall not exceed the decibel levels specified in the San Francisco Noise Control Ordinance.

For information about compliance of fixed mechanical objects such as rooftop air conditioning, restaurant ventilation systems, and motors and compressors with acceptable noise levels, contact the Environmental Health Section, Department of Public Health.

For information about compliance with construction noise requirements, contact the Department of Building Inspection.

For information about compliance with the requirements for amplified sound, including music and television, contact the Police Department.


While it is inevitable that some low level of odor may be detectable to nearby residents and passers by, appropriate odor control equipment shall be installed in conformance with the approved plans and maintained to prevent any significant noxious or offensive odors from escaping the premises.

For information about compliance with odor or other chemical air pollutant standards, contact the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and Code Enforcement, Planning Department.


Garbage, recycling, and compost containers shall be kept within the premises and hidden from public view, and placed outside only when being serviced by the disposal company. Trash shall be contained and disposed of pursuant to garbage and recycling receptacles guidelines set forth by the Department of Public Works.

For information about compliance, contact the Bureau of Street Use and Mapping, Department of Public Works.


(Added by Ord. 75-12 , File No. 120084, App. 4/23/2012, Eff. 5/23/2012)


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