This is Sec. 711.1. of the San Francisco Planning Code, titled “NC-2 – SMALL-SCALE NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICT..” It is part of Article 7, titled “NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICTS.” It contains 1 laws.

The NC-2 District is intended to serve as the City's Small-Scale Neighborhood Commercial District. These districts are linear shopping streets which provide convenience goods and services to the surrounding neighborhoods as well as limited comparison shopping goods for a wider market. The range of comparison goods and services offered is varied and often includes specialty retail stores, restaurants, and neighborhood-serving offices. NC-2 Districts are commonly located along both collector and arterial streets which have transit routes.

These districts range in size from two or three blocks to many blocks, although the commercial development in longer districts may be interspersed with housing or other land uses. Buildings typically range in height from two to four stories with occasional one-story commercial buildings.

The small-scale district controls provide for mixed-use buildings which approximate or slightly exceed the standard development pattern. Rear yard requirements above the ground story and at residential levels preserve open space corridors of interior blocks.

Most new commercial development is permitted at the ground and second stories. Neighborhood-serving businesses are strongly encouraged. Eating and drinking and entertainment uses, however, are confined to the ground story. The second story may be used by some retail stores, personal services, and medical, business and professional offices. Parking and hotels are monitored at all stories. Limits on late-night activity, drive-up facilities, and other automobile uses protect the livability within and around the district, and promote continuous retail frontage.

Housing development in new buildings is encouraged above the ground story. Existing residential units are protected by limitations on demolition and upper-story conversions.

§ 711.