This is Sec. 714.1. of the San Francisco Planning Code, titled “BROADWAY NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICT..” It is part of Article 7, titled “NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICTS.” It contains 1 laws.

The Broadway Neighborhood Commercial District, located in the northeast quadrant of San Francisco, extends along Broadway from east of Columbus Avenue to Osgood Place. It is part of a larger commercial area which includes North Beach to the north, Chinatown to the south and west, and Jackson Square to the southeast. Broadway's fame and popularity as a Citywide and regional entertainment district is derived from a concentration of nightclubs, music halls, adult theaters, bars, and restaurants between Grant Avenue and Montgomery Street. These places attract locals and visitors alike, mainly in the evening and late-night hours. In addition to the entertainment and some retail businesses, Broadway contains many upper-story residential hotels. Due to its proximity to downtown, there is strong pressure to develop upper-story offices.

The Broadway District controls are designed to encourage development that is compatible with the existing moderate building scale and mixed-use character, and maintain the district's balance of entertainment uses, restaurants, and small-scale retail stores. New buildings exceeding 40 feet in height will be carefully reviewed and rear yards at residential levels are protected. Most commercial uses in new buildings are permitted at the first two stories. Neighborhood-serving businesses are strongly encouraged. In order to protect the livability of the area, limitations apply to new fast-food restaurants and adult entertainment uses at the first and second stories, as well as late-night activity. Financial services are allowed on the ground story subject to certain limitations. Nonretail offices are prohibited in order to prevent encroachment of the adjoining downtown office uses. Due to the high traffic volume on Broadway, most automobile and drive-up uses are prohibited in order to prevent further traffic congestion. Parking garages are permitted if their ingress and egress do not disrupt the traffic flow on Broadway.

Housing development in new buildings is encouraged above the second story. Existing housing is protected by limitations on demolitions and upper-story conversions.

§ 714.