This is Sec. 716.1. of the San Francisco Planning Code, titled “INNER CLEMENT STREET NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICT..” It is part of Article 7, titled “NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICTS.” It contains 1 laws.

The Inner Clement Street Commercial District is located on Clement Street between Arguello Boulevard and Funston Avenue in the eastern portion of the Richmond District of northwest San Francisco. The district provides a wide selection of convenience goods and services for the residents of the Inner Richmond neighborhood. Inner Clement Street has one of the greatest concentrations of restaurants of any commercial street in San Francisco, drawing customers from throughout the City and region. There are also a significant number of professional, realty, and business offices as well as financial institutions. The pleasant pedestrian character of the district is derived directly from the intensely active retail frontage on Clement Street.

The Inner Clement Street District controls are designed to promote development that is consistent with its existing land use patterns and to maintain a harmony of uses that supports the district's vitality. The building standards allow small-scale buildings and uses, protecting rear yards above the ground story and at residential levels. In new development, most commercial uses are permitted at the first two stories, although certain limitations apply to uses at the second story. Special controls are necessary to preserve the equilibrium of neighborhood-serving convenience and comparison shopping businesses and protect adjacent residential livability. These controls prohibit additional financial service and limit additional eating and drinking establishments, late-night commercial uses and ground-story entertainment uses. In order to maintain the street's active retail frontage, controls also prohibit most new automobile and drive-up uses.

Housing development is encouraged in new buildings above the ground story. Existing residential units are protected by prohibitions on upper-story conversions and limitations on demolitions.

§ 716.