This is Sec. 722.1. of the San Francisco Planning Code, titled “NORTH BEACH NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICT..” It is part of Article 7, titled “NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICTS.” It contains 1 laws.

The North Beach Neighborhood Commercial District is a nonlinear district centered on Columbus Avenue, located in the valley between Telegraph Hill and Russian Hill north of Broadway. North Beach functions as a neighborhood-serving marketplace, citywide specialty shopping, and dining district, and a tourist attraction, as well as an apartment and residential hotel zone. Traditionally, the district has provided most convenience goods and services for residents of North Beach and portions of Telegraph and Russian Hills. North Beach's eating, drinking, and entertainment establishments remain open into the evening to serve a much wider trade area and attract many tourists. The balance between neighborhood-serving convenience stores and Citywide specialty businesses has shifted, as convenience stores have been replaced by restaurants and bars. The proliferation of financial services, limited financial services, and business and professional services has also upset the district's balance of uses. The relocation of business and professional offices from downtown to North Beach threatens the loss of upper-story residential units.

The North Beach District controls are designed to ensure the livability and attractiveness of North Beach. Building standards limit new development to a small to moderate scale. Rear yards are protected above the ground story and at residential levels. Most new commercial development is permitted at the first two stories. Small-scale, neighborhood-serving businesses are strongly encouraged and formula retail uses are prohibited. Use sizes are controlled to limit future consolidation of spaces and to encourage conversion back to the traditional small-scale commercial spaces. Special controls are necessary because an over-concentration of food and beverage service establishments limits neighborhood-serving retail sales and personal services in an area that needs them to thrive as a neighborhood. In order to maintain neighborhood-serving retail sales and personal services and to protect residential livability, additional eating and drinking establishments are prohibited in spaces that have been occupied by neighborhood-serving retail sales and personal services. Special controls limit additional ground-story entertainment uses and prohibit new walk-up automated bank teller machines (ATMs). Financial services, limited financial services, and ground-story business and professional office uses are prohibited from locating in the portion of the district south of Greenwich Street, while new financial services locating in the portion of the district north of Greenwich Street are limited. Restrictions on automobile and drive-up uses are intended to promote continuous retail frontage and maintain residential livability.

In keeping with the district's existing mixed-use character, housing development in new buildings is encouraged above the second story. Existing residential units are protected by prohibitions of upper-story conversions and limitations on demolitions.

§ 722.