This is Sec. 735.1. of the San Francisco Planning Code, titled “SOMA NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL TRANSIT DISTRICT..” It is part of Article 7, titled “NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICTS.” It contains 1 laws.

The SoMa Neighborhood Commercial Transit District (SoMa NCT) is located along the 6th Street and Folsom Street corridors in the South of Market. The commercial area provides a limited selection of convenience goods for the residents of the South of Market. Eating and drinking establishments contribute to the street's mixed-use character and activity in the evening hours. A number of upper-story professional and business offices are located in the district, some in converted residential units.

The SoMa NCT has a pattern of ground floor commercial and upper story residential units. Controls are designed to permit moderate-scale buildings and uses, protecting rear yards above the ground story and at residential levels. Active, neighborhood-serving commercial development is required at the ground story, curb cuts are prohibited and ground floor transparency and fenestration adds to the activation of the ground story. While offices and general retail sales uses may locate on the second story or above of new buildings, most commercial uses are prohibited above the second story. In order to protect the balance and variety of retail use, bars and liquor stores are allowed with a conditional use. Continuous retail frontage is promoted by prohibiting drive-up facilities, some automobile uses, and new non-retail commercial uses. Above-ground parking is required to be setback or below ground. Active, pedestrian-oriented ground floor uses are required.

Housing development in new buildings is encouraged above the ground story. Housing density is not controlled by the size of the lot or by density controls, but by bedroom counts. Given the area's central location and accessibility to the City's transit network, parking for residential and commercial uses is not required.

§ 735.