This is Sec. 739.1. of the San Francisco Planning Code, titled “NORIEGA STREET NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICT..” It is part of Article 7, titled “NEIGHBORHOOD COMMERCIAL DISTRICTS.” It contains 1 laws.

The Noriega Street Neighborhood Commercial District is located in the Outer Sunset neighborhood and includes the non-residential currently-zoned NC-2 properties fronting both sides of Noriega Street between 19th and 27th and 30th through 33rd Avenues.

The District provides a selection of convenience goods and services for the residents of the Outer Sunset District. There are a high concentration of restaurants, drawing customers from throughout the City and the region. There are also a significant number of professional, realty, and business offices as well as financial institutions.

The Noriega Street Neighborhood Commercial District controls are designed to promote development that is consistent with its existing land use patterns and to maintain a harmony of uses that support the District’s vitality. The building standards allow small-scale buildings and uses,  protecting rear yards above the ground story and at residential levels. In new development, most commercial uses are permitted at the first two stories, although certain limitations apply to uses at the second story. Special controls are necessary to preserve the equilibrium of neighborhood-serving convenience and comparison shopping businesses and to protect adjacent residential livability. To protect continuous frontage, drive-up uses are prohibited and active, pedestrian-oriented ground floor uses generally must be provided, unless such uses are authorized by Conditional Use. These controls are designed to encourage the street’s active retail frontage, and local fabrication and production of goods.

§ 739.