§ 780.2.


In order to preserve the potential mix and variety of goods and services provided to the Bayview, Little Hollywood and Visitation Valley neighborhood residents yet provide the possibility for reasonable expansion, intensification and/or reconstruction of an existing hostelry use in this area, which use and action would not disrupt the single-family residential character of the surrounding neighborhoods, there shall be a Bayshore-Hester Special Use District, generally located on the northern end of the NC-S-zoned block bounded by Bayshore Boulevard and the loop of Hester Avenue, as designated on Sectional Map 10SU of the Zoning Map. The following provisions shall apply within such special use district:


Purpose and Findings. In addition to the purposes stated in Section 701 of this Code, the following purpose and findings form a basis for special regulations and provide guidance for their application in the Bayshore-Hester Special Use District.


The Bayshore-Hester Special Use District is the northern portion of the block bounded by Bayshore Boulevard and the loop of Hester Avenue. It is completely surrounded by the Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley and Bayview single-family neighborhoods and is bordered on the east by U.S. Highway 101. It is developed with a motel with a coffee shop and a restaurant, which uses have been present thereon for at least 50 years.


The district contains a cluster of one- and two-story buildings devoted to motel and restaurant use. Immediately to the south is a new residential development containing 26 one-family dwellings.


Controls. All of the controls for the NC-S District, as set forth in Sections 713.10 through 713.95 of this Code, shall apply to the Bayshore-Hester Special Use District, except as provided below:

Zoning Category No. Controls
.55 Tourist hotel (inclusive of a motel) shall be permitted as a conditional use of property.


(Added by Ord. 331-97, App. 8/19/97)


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