§ 781.1.


In order to preserve the mix and variety of goods and services provided to the Sunset and Parkside neighborhoods and City residents, prevent further proliferation of restaurant uses and prevent further aggravation of parking and traffic congestion in this district, there shall be a Taraval Street Restaurant Subdistrict, generally applicable for the NC-1-zoned portion of Taraval Street located between 40th and 41st Avenues and between 45th and 47th Avenues, and for the NC-2-zoned portion of Taraval Street located between 12th and 36th Avenues, as designated on Sectional Maps SU05 and SU06 of the Zoning Map. The following provisions shall apply within such subdistrict:


Restaurants and Limited-Restaurants, as defined in Sections 790.90 and 790.91 of this Code, are permitted as conditional uses on the first story and below.


Restaurants and Limited-Restaurants also defined as formula retail, as defined in Section 703.3 of this Code, shall not be permitted in this subdistrict.


The provisions of Sections 180 through 186.1 of this Code shall govern Restaurants and Limited-Restaurants also defined as formula retail, which existed lawfully at the effective date of this Code in this subdistrict.



(Added by Ord. 69-87, App. 3/13/87; amended by Ord. 445-87, App. 11/12/87; Ord. 140-11, File No. 110482, App. 7/5/2011, Eff. 8/4/2011; Ord. 75-12 , File No. 120084, App. 4/23/2012, Eff. 5/23/2012; Ord. 56-13 , File No. 130062, App. 3/28/2013, Eff. 4/27/2013)

Section amended in its entirety; Ord. 75-12 , Eff. 5/23/2012. Nondesignated introductory material amended; Ord. 56-13 , Eff. 4/27/2013.


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