§ 899.


Certain sections of the Planning Code in Articles other than this Article also apply to Mixed Use Districts. Such sections and their titles are listed below. The following listing is set forth for convenience; in the event of any omission of a provision, that provision shall nevertheless still apply.

General Provisions
Section 101 Purposes
Section 101.1 General Plan Consistency and Implementation
Section 109 Severability
Sections 102-102.28 Definitions
Zoning Map
Section 105 Zoning Map
Section 106 Zoning Map Incorporated Herein
Building Standards
Section 121 Minimum Lot Width
Section 122 Height and Bulk
Section 124 Basic Floor Area Ratio
Section 128 Transfer of Development Rights in C-3 Districts
Section 130 Yard and Setback Requirements
Section 131 Legislated Setback Line
Section 134 Rear Yard Requirements
Sections 135-135.3 Usable Open Space
Section 136 Obstructions Over Streets and Alleys and in Required Setbacks, Yards, and Usable Open Spaces
Section 136.1 Awnings, Canopies and Marquees
Section 138.1 Streetscape and Pedestrian Improvements
Section 140 All Dwelling Units in All Zoning Districts to Face on an Open Space
Section 141 Screening of Rooftop Features
Section 142 Screening and Greening of Parking and Vehicle Use Areas
Section 145.1 Street Frontages in Neighborhood Commercial, Residential-Commercial, Commercial, and Mixed Use Districts
Section 147 Reduction of Shadows on Certain Public Open Spaces
Section 250 Height and Bulk Districts Established
Section 251 Height and Bulk Districts- Purpose
Section 252 Classes of Height and Bulk Districts
Section 253 Review of Buildings Exceeding 40 Feet in R Districts
Section 260 Height Limits- Method of Measurement
Section 262 Additional Height Limits- Applicable to Signs
Section 263 Height Limits: Special Exceptions
Section 270 Bulk Limits- Measurement
Section 271 Bulk Limits-Special Exceptions
Section 295 Height Restrictions on Structures Shadowing Property Under the Jurisdiction of the Recreation and Park Commission
Section 150 Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements
Section 151 Schedule of Required Off-Street Parking Spaces
Section 152 Schedule of Required Off-Street Freight Loading Spaces
Section 153 Rules for Calculation of Required Spaces
Section 154 Minimum Dimensions for Required Off-Street Parking and Loading Spaces
Section 155 General Standards as to Location and Arrangement of Off-Street Parking and Loading Spaces
Sections 155.1 to 155.5 Bicycle Parking Requirements
Section 156 Parking Lots
Section 157 Conditional Use Applications for Parking Exceeding Accessory Amounts
Section 159 Required Off-Street Parking Not on the Same Lot as Structure or Use Served
Section 160 Collective Provision and Joint Use of Required Off-Street Parking
Section 161 Exemptions from Off-Street Parking, Freight Loading
Section 163 Transportation Management Programs
Sections 602 et seq. Definitions
Section 603 Exemptions
Section 604 Permits and Conformity
Section 606 Residential Districts
Section 607.2 Mixed Use Districts
Sections 608 et seq. Special Sign Districts
Sections 609 et seq. Amortization Period
Section 201 Classes of Use Districts
Section 202 Uses Permitted By This Code
Section 203 Effect on Certain Public Services
Section 204 Accessory Uses, General
Section 204.4 Dwelling Units Accessory to Other Uses
Section 204.5 Parking and Loading as Accessory Uses
Sections 205-205.3 Temporary Uses
Section 207.1 Rules for Calculation of Dwelling Unit Densities
Section 207.5 Density of Dwelling Units in Mixed Use Districts
Section 208 Density Limitations for Group Housing
Section 233 Live/Work Units
Section 234.2 Conditional Uses, P Districts
Section 235 Special Use Districts
Article 10 Preservation of Historical, Architectural and Aesthetic Landmarks (Inclusive)
Section 1106 Article 11 Change of Designation, Designation of Additional Buildings
Section 301 General Description
Section 302 Amendments
Section 303 Conditional Uses
Section 304.5 Institutional Master Plans
Section 305 Variances
Sections 306-306.8 Applications and Hearings
Section 307 Other Powers and Duties of the Zoning Administrator
Sections 308-308.2 Appeals
Section 309.1 Permit Review in Downtown Residential Districts
Sections 316 et seq. Procedures for Conditional Use Authorization in Neighborhood Commercial Eastern Neighborhoods Mixed Use Districts, and South of Market Mixed Use Districts and for Live/Work Units in RH and RM Districts
Section 329 Large Project Authorization in Eastern Neighborhoods Mixed Use Districts
Article 3.5 Fees for Services
Article 4 Development Impact and In-Lieu Fees
Section 170 Applicability of Requirements
Section 171 Compliance of Uses Required
Section 172 Compliance of Structures, Open Spaces, and Off-Street Parking and Loading
Section 173 Compliance of Lots Required
Section 174 Compliance with Conditions, Stipulations, and Special Restrictions
Section 175 Approval of Permits
Section 176 Enforcement Against Violations
Section 178 Conditional Uses
Section 180 Nonconforming Uses, Noncomplying Structures, and Substandard Lots
Section 181 Nonconforming Uses: Enlargements, Alterations, or Reconstruction
Section 182 Nonconforming Uses: Changes of Use
Section 183 Nonconforming Uses: Discontinuance and Abandonment
Section 184 Short-term Continuance of Certain Nonconforming Uses
Section 185 Continuance of Other Nonconforming Uses
Section 186 Exemption of Limited Commercial Nonconforming Uses
Section 188 Noncomplying Structures: Enlargements, Alterations and Reconstruction


(Added by Ord. 131-87, App. 4/24/87; amended by Ord. 115-90, App. 4/6/90; Ord. 176-12 , File No. 120472, App. 8/7/2012, Eff. 9/6/2012)


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