§ 901.



Applicability of Article 9 Provisions and Provisions of Other Parts of the Planning Code. This Article is adopted specifically for Mission Bay Use Districts. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Article 9, the term “Mission Bay Use Districts” is defined for purposes of this Article 9 to include only the non-shaded areas indicated on Figure 1. The shaded areas on Figure 1 are now governed by the Mission Bay North and Mission Bay South Redevelopment Plans and are not subject to any provisions of this Article 9. The provisions set forth or referenced in this Article 9 shall apply to any use, property, structure, or development, both public and private, which is located in a Mission Bay Use District, unless otherwise provided for within this Article. Other provisions of this Code referenced in this Article are applicable in Mission Bay Use Districts shall apply only to the extent indicated in the reference. Other provisions of this Code which by their general terms would apply to Mission Bay Use Districts shall apply only to the extent expressly provided in this Article. The “Mission Bay Plan,” formerly a part of the General Plan for the City and County of San Francisco, has been rescinded and adopted, as to the non-shaded areas on Figure 1, by the Planning Commission as the “Mission Bay Guidelines.” Any reference in this Article 9 to the Mission Bay Plan shall be deemed to refer to the Mission Bay Guidelines adopted by the Planning Commission.


Intent and Purpose of Article 9. This Article is intended to provide a comprehensive zoning system for Mission Bay Use Districts which is consistent with the objectives and policies set forth in the Mission Bay Guidelines. More specifically, the purposes of this Article, in addition to the general purposes stated in Section 101, are to provide in one article a complete listing of or reference to all of the Planning Code zoning categories, definitions, control provisions and review procedures which are applicable to the Mission Bay Use Districts.


Applicability of Mission Bay Guidelines. The provisions of this Article are supplemented and further defined by objectives and policies, the associated text, and design and use guidelines contained in the Mission Bay Guidelines.


Consistency with the General Plan and with Priority Policies. The provisions of Section 101.1 regarding consistency with the General Plan and with Priority Policies apply in the Mission Bay Use Districts.


(Added by Ord. 63-91, App. 2/27/91; amended by Ord. 325-98, App. 10/30/98)


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