§ 903.



Uses Permitted. Uses, as defined in Section 102.27, permitted in Mission Bay Use Districts are either principal, conditional, accessory, or temporary as provided below.


Principal Uses. Principal uses are permitted as of right in a Mission Bay Use District, when so indicated in Sections 906 through 916 for each district class.


Conditional Uses. Conditional uses are permitted when a use is indicated as conditional in Sections 906 through 916 for each district class and is authorized by the City Planning Commission pursuant to the provisions of Section 303. Certain rules applicable to conditional 3 uses are contained in Section 984.


Accessory Uses. A related minor use which is either necessary to the operation or enjoyment of a lawful principal use or conditional use or is appropriate, incidental and subordinate to any such use is permitted, subject to the limitations contained in Section 986, as an accessory use when located on the same lot.


Temporary Uses. Uses not otherwise permitted are permitted as temporary uses to the extent authorized by Section 985.


Multiple Permitted Uses in a Structure. If there are two or more uses in a structure and none is classified as accessory, then each of these uses will be considered separately as independent principal, conditional, or temporary uses.


Enclosure of Permitted Uses. All permitted uses shall be conducted within an enclosed building, unless otherwise specifically allowed in this Code. Exceptions from this requirement are: uses which, when located outside of a building, qualify as an outdoor activity area, as defined in Section 790.70; uses which by their nature are to be conducted in an open lot or outside a building, as described in Sections 790 through 790.140; and temporary uses as provided in Section 985.


Uses Not Permitted.


Uses Not Listed on Control Tables. Uses which are not listed in Sections 906 through 916 for each district class, and are not permitted accessory or authorized temporary uses, unless determined by the Zoning Administrator to be permitted uses in accordance with Section 307(a), are not permitted.


Nuisances. No use, even though listed as a permitted use or otherwise allowed, shall be permitted if by reason of its nature or manner of operation, it creates conditions that are hazardous, noxious, or offensive through the emission of odor, fumes, smoke, cinders, dust, gas, vibration, glare, refuse, water-carried waste, or excessive noise.


Certain Non-Permitted Uses Allowed to Remain. Certain non-permitted uses may be permitted to remain as non-conforming uses subject to the provisions of Section 983.


Compliance of Uses with Controls. All uses, buildings and features shall comply with all controls set forth for the district in which they are located. Where different controls conflict or overlap within the same use district, the use, building or feature shall abide by the most restrictive of all controls.


(Added by Ord. 63-91, App. 2/27/91)


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