§ 923.



Gross Floor Area Permitted. The density of all uses permitted in the MB-O District by Section 912 and in the MB-CI District by Section 913 shall be limited to a gross floor area which is equal to a floor area ratio of 4.5 to 1 in the MB-O District and 3.0 to 1 in the MB-CI District applied to a lot area which excludes the area occupied by a midblock lane required by the Mission Bay Plan.


Exclusions from Gross Floor Area. The term “gross floor area” is defined in Section 102.9. In addition to the exclusions from gross floor area provided in Section 102.9(b)(1) through (10), the following exclusions shall apply in the MB-O and MB-CI Districts:

1. An interior space provided as an open space feature in accordance with the requirements of Section 952.

2. Child care facilities in accordance with the provisions of Section 102.9(b)(14).

3. Space which is located on the first story to a depth of 25 feet from the property line of a building or parking structure facing a street or midblock lane and which is devoted to retail sales, personal services, or child care, cultural, educational, recreational, religious or social service facilities.

4. In the MB-CI District, live/work units and any occupied floor area devoted to mechanical equipment or appurtenances or other floor area accessory to live/work use; provided that: (1) one or more arts activities as defined in Section 102.2 are the primary nonresidential use and that other nonresidential activities are limited to those otherwise permitted in the district or otherwise conditional in the district and specifically approved as a conditional use; and (2) the provisions of Section 940(b) are satisfied.


Transfer of Permitted Gross Floor Area. In order to accommodate the creation of a smaller number of accessory parking structures serving more than one building and to facilitate building articulation, as provided in the Mission Bay Plan, the permitted gross floor area for any building or development on a lot in the MB-O and MB-CI Districts may be increased by transfer to such lot of gross floor area from another lot with the same district which is permitted under this section but which has not been utilized.


Limitations on Transfer. As a condition of approval of transfer of gross floor area to another lot, it shall be established to the satisfaction of the Zoning Administrator that the increased gross floor area can be accommodated in a building or development which conforms to the applicable building standards of this Article and the design guidelines of the Mission Bay Plan.


Recording Transfers. The documentation required by Section 127(b) and (c) shall be required to effect a transfer of gross floor area under this section.


(Added by Ord. 63-91, App. 2/27/91)


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