§ 932.


The following rules shall apply in the measuring of height:

1. The point above which such measurements shall be taken shall be as specified in the definition of “height” in § 102.12.

2. The upper point to which such measurement shall be taken shall be the highest point on the finished roof in the case of a flat roof, and the average height of the rise in the case of a pitched or stepped roof, or similarly sculptured roof form or any higher point of a feature not exempted by Section 933.

3. In cases where the height limit is 65 feet or less and a street from which height measurements are made slopes laterally along the lot, or the ground slopes laterally on a lot that also slopes upward from the street, there shall be a maximum width for the portion of the building or structure that may be measured from a single point at curb or ground level, according to the definition of “height” in § 102.12, as specified in the following table:


Average Slope of Curb or Ground From Which Height is Measured Maximum Width for Portion of Building that May Be Measured from a Single Point
5 percent or less No requirement
More than 5 percent but no more than 15 percent 65 feet
More than 15 percent 55 feet


(Added by Ord. 63-91, App. 2/27/91)


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