§ 943.


In all Mission Bay Use Districts, mechanical equipment and appurtenances necessary to the operation or maintenance of the building or structure itself (including chimneys, ventilators, plumbing vent stacks, cooling towers, water tanks, panels or devices for the collection of solar or wind energy and window washing equipment), elevator, stair and mechanical penthouses, and skylights, and antennae for transmission, reception, or relay of radio, television, or other electronic signals when a permitted use in the district shall be enclosed and screened: (i) in such a manner that the enclosure is designed as a logical extension of the building form and an integral part of the overall building design; and its cladding and detailing is comparable to that of the rest of the building; or (ii) by a rooftop form which is appropriate to the nature and proportions of the building, and is designed to obscure the rooftop equipment and appurtenances and to provide a more balanced and graceful silhouette for the top of the building. Minor features, not exceeding one foot in height, shall be exempted from this regulation.


(Added by Ord. 63-91, App. 2/27/91)


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