§ 962.



Amount. The maximum amount of off-street parking permitted in the MB-O and MB-CI Districts is an amount equal to one space for each 1,000 square feet of gross floor area (as defined in Section 923(b)) of uses permitted in the districts plus one space for each live/work unit excluded from gross floor area pursuant to Section 923(b)(4), except for property zoned MB-CI located east of Owens Street for which the maximum amount of off-street parking shall be equal to 2.5 spaces for each 1,000 square feet of gross floor area. There is no minimum parking requirement.


Location. Parking may be located under-ground, in surface lots, above grade in office and commercial-industrial buildings or in above-grade parking structures. Parking in above-grade structures may serve more than one building and may be located anywhere in the same district as the use which it serves. In the MB-O District no more than 55 percent of the off-street parking may be provided above grade. Parking which is below ground level by half a parking level or more shall be excluded from this calculation.


Preferential Use. Short-term business visitor parking and vanpool and carpool commuter parking shall be given preference in the use of the off-street parking spaces which are provided pursuant to this Section. This preference shall be implemented in the manner provided in the Parking Management component of the Mission Bay Transportation Management Program, a part of the Mission Bay Plan.


(Added by Ord. 63-91, App. 2/27/91; amended by Ord. 249-97, App. 6/18/97)


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