§ 972.



Signs Permitted. The following types of signs, subject to the limitations prescribed for them, shall be the only signs permitted in MB-R Districts except for signs exempted by Section 603:

1. One non-illuminated or indirectly illuminated name plate for each street frontage of the lot, not exceeding a height of 12 feet, and having an area not exceeding one square foot in MB-R-1 and MB-R-2 Districts or two square feet in MB-R-3 Districts.

2. One identifying sign for each street frontage of the lot, not exceeding a height of 12 feet, and meeting the following additional requirements:


In MB-R-l and MB-R-2 Districts: non-illuminated or indirectly illuminated only; maximum area 12 square feet;


In MB-R-3 Districts: maximum area eight square feet if directly illuminated, and 20 square feet if non-illuminated or indirectly illuminated.

3. One temporary non-illuminated or indirectly illuminated sale or lease sign for each street frontage of the total parcel involved, not exceeding a height of 24 feet if free standing and not above the roofline if attached to a building, and having an area not exceeding six square feet for each lot or for each 3,000 square feet in such total parcel, whichever ratio permits the larger area, provided that no such sign shall exceed 50 square feet in area and any such sign exceeding 18 square feet in area shall be set back at least 25 feet from all street property lines. Any sale or lease sign shall be removed within seven days following removal of the property from the market.

4. Temporary non-illuminated signs of persons and firms connected with work on buildings under actual construction or alteration, giving their names and information pertinent to the project, not exceeding a height of 12 feet, with the combined area of all such signs not to exceed 10 square feet for each street frontage of the project.

5. Such business signs of small scale convenience retail uses permitted by Section 906 in MB-R Districts as are permitted by Section 973(b) in MB-NC-2 Districts.


Limitations. The following limitations apply to all signs in MB-R Districts:

1. No sign shall project beyond a street property line or legislated setback line, or into a required front setback area.

2. No sign shall have or consist of any moving, rotating or otherwise animated part, or (if permitted to be illuminated) any flashing, blinking, fluctuating or otherwise animated light.

3. No roof sign, wind sign, or general advertising sign shall be permitted.

4. No sign shall extend above the roofline of a building to which it is attached, or above a height of 12 feet.


(Added by Ord. 63-91, App. 2/27/91)


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