§ 986.


No use in Mission Bay Use Districts will be considered accessory to a principal or conditional use which involves or requires any of the following:

1. An amount which exceeds the limitations set forth in Sections 204.1 (applicable in MB-R and MB-NC Districts).

2. An amount which exceeds the limitations on parking and loading as provided in Sections 960 through 967.

3. The use of more than one-third of the total floor area occupied by both the accessory use and the principal or conditional use to which it is accessory, combined, except in the case of accessory off-street parking and loading.

4. Any bar, restaurant, other entertainment, or any retail establishment which serves liquor for consumption on-site;

5. Any take-out food use, as defined in Section 790.122, except for: (a) a take-out food use which occupies 100 square feet or less (including the area devoted to food preparation and service and excluding storage and waiting areas) in a retail grocery or specialty food store; (b) a take out food use operating as a minor and incidental use within a full service restaurant; or (c) a take out food use which is, by definition, part of the operation of a fast food or self service restaurant.

6. The wholesaling, manufacturing or processing of foods, goods, or commodities on the premises of an establishment which does not also provide for primarily retail sale of such foods, goods or commodities at the same location where such wholesaling, manufacturing or processing takes place.


(Added by Ord. 63-91, App. 2/27/91)


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